A nomadic spirit in your space

February 15, 2023

Since 2006, BROKIS has been illuminating the world by continuously developing and expanding its innovative lighting concepts. A few years ago, we launched our portable lights. Get in the mood for spring and summer by brightening up your patios and gardens with BROKIS battery-powered lights.

Ivy Battery

You can easily carry Ivy Battery anywhere you want at any time.
The first battery collection we introduced was Ivy Battery, which is inspired by nature and living beauty. The Ivy Collection is a battery-powered table light, a scaled-down version of the original Ivy Table, and is controlled by touching any metal part of the light body.

Knot Battery

Knot Battery can light up any part of the interior or exterior. The choice is up to you.
Successful collections like Knot clearly deserve to be expanded with battery-powered lights. The lights come in two sizes – Knot Battery and Knot Battery Small – both of which carry an IP44 rating.

Sfera Portable

Sfera Portable – an elegant nomad that brightens up any space.
Sfera Portable is based on the idea of a sphere of light positioned on a polygon, which, like the glass sphere, is characteristic of the parent Sfera collection. The polygonal base of this outdoor collection is made of cast concrete infused with shards and glass sand left over from manufacturing at Janštejn

Dome Nomad

Dome Nomad received the 2021 Archiproducts Design Award in the lighting category.
Dome Nomad is a portable rechargeable outdoor lamp whose shape is a nod to Venetian architecture. The light passes through an opaline diffusor and a glass dome, typical of important Italian monuments.

It’s up to you alone to decide where in your space to put our battery lights. Thanks to battery power, you’re not restricted by an electric cable, so you can put them almost anywhere. Enjoy unlimited planning.