Brokis innovations

Trimless ceiling connection

TRIMLESS is a new solution for BROKIS collections that eliminates the need for a conventional ceiling canopy and simplifies installation in drywall ceilings. It gives ceiling installations a clean, minimalistic appearance and provides a new degree of variability in creating original lighting compositions.


It offers a remarkable degree of variability and near endless possibilities for creating unique interior lighting compositions. The BROKIS connector has been gradually implemented in the majority of the brand’s collections and has proven a valuable addition to the product portfolio.


BROKIS collections offer various sets that make use of atypical ceiling canopies. The sets are prepared by the designers and provide clients with ready lighting compositions that are a good fit for their interior.


BROKIS offers several dimming options for its lights that bring the user greater convenience and open the door to a broader spectrum of possibilities for achieving the right ambience.