Dimming systems – test

BROKIS offers several dimming systems for its lights to give users greater convenience and a broader range of possibilities in creating the right lighting ambience. BROKIS continuously develops technological improvements for both its new and established lighting collections, and there are several dimming options to choose from. New technological advancements are currently under development. The prices of the collections are listed without the dimmable versions.


Smart light control systems like Casambi offer a convenient and efficient way to manage lighting in homes and commercial buildings. Casambi uses Bluetooth technology to enable wireless control of individual light fixtures or groups of lights from a smartphone, tablet, or by Casambi-enabled wall controllers. With the Casambi ecosystem, users can dim or brighten lights, adjust colour temperature, and set up lighting scenes to match different moods or activities.

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One of the key advantages of the Casambi system is flexibility. It is compatible with a wide range of LED lights and fixtures, so users can choose the products that best suit their needs and preferences. The system can also be easily expanded or reconfigured as lighting needs change. For example, new lights can be added to an existing Casambi network without the need for additional wiring or installation.

Another benefit of Casambi is its energy efficiency. The system allows users to set up timers and schedules to automatically turn lights on or off, adjust brightness and colour temperature, or switch between different lighting scenes. This not only saves energy but can also contribute to a more comfortable and productive environment by ensuring that lighting is always optimized for the task at hand. Additionally, Casambi can be integrated with other smart home or building automation systems to create a fully customized and responsive lighting solution.

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RF system – version with remote control (CEDV1461)

This system uses a wireless radio signal and requires no special modifications to the electrical wiring in your home. A key advantage of this system is its excellent compatibility with all 24V DC lights. Depending on your needs, you can either have a single remote control for multiple lights, or a separate remote control for each light.

PWM signal (CEDV1459)

Pulse-width modulation is a sophisticated means of controlling the average power delivered by an analogue signal based on the so-called duty cycle. We recommend consulting with the supplier of the dimming system or an experienced electrician.

1–10V (CEDV1460)   

The remote control delivers a signal from 1V DC (minimum brightness, shorted control circuit) to 10V DC (maximum brightness, open control circuit). We recommend consulting with the supplier of the dimming system or an experienced electrician.   

DALI version (CEDV1458) 

The DALI system communicates by means of a data collector with just two cables. All DALI ballasts, switches, and relays are connected to the collector. This allows random combinations of branched or star arrangements. The DALI system cannot be connected to a circuit. We recommend consulting with the supplier of the dimming system or an experienced electrician.    

AC phase-cut (CEDV1730)

The original harmonic current waveform is distorted by means of phase cutting, thus limiting output and the brightness of the light. Phase cutting can be applied on the leading edge or trailing edge of the voltage. In leading-edge switching, a semiconductor valve is opened in each halfwave by the switching impulse and closes again on the zero crossing, while in trailing-edge switching, the valve opens on the zero crossing and is closed again by the switching impulse.


Tunable White is a unique concept that allows users to adjust the colour temperature of their lights. Whereas in standard lights the colour temperature must be specified upon ordering, with Tunable White it can be adjusted to suit any situation as needed, from warm white (830), which is ideal for relaxation or meetings, to cold white (865), which supports concentration and productivity. This feature gives our lights yet another dimension of versatility.

The concept is well suited to applications in spaces with inadequate natural light as well as in large-scale projects.

The intensity and colour temperature of the lights can be controlled in different ways, the easiest of which is by hand using an ordinary knob. In addition, there is an optional automatic dynamic control system for daytime use in relation to the amount of natural light entering a given space.

Tunable White is available for pendent lights only in combination with the DALI or CASAMBI dimming systems. For selected table lights, we offer a special dimmer case allowing use of the Tunable White solution.