Following the resounding success of the Virtual Villa and Boutique Hotel, BROKIS is building on its technological advancements and innovative solutions to showcase its award-winning lighting collections in a setting they undoubtedly belong in and form an integral part of – the modern office. In its latest project spanning more than 1,200 m2 of virtual office space, BROKIS presents 16 collections, including the latest additions to its product portfolio, Overlay, Prisma, Double, and Orbis. The goal was to create a timeless office ecosystem complete with relax zones and informal meeting rooms that employees and visitors feel good in. Welcome to our SKY Office in the clouds of Manhattan.

The offices are situated in a skyscraper in Manhattan, New York, and cover an entire upper floor. The environment is airy and pleasant thanks to full-length windows looking out over the cityscape. The windows play an important role, as they serve to remind the observer of the project’s unique venue, with the surrounding buildings outside providing a sense of dynamism rising up from the streets below to the thriving, energetic offices.

The main aspiration for the project was to create a setting, perhaps suitable for a design or creativity firm, conceived around people with a genuine sense of community working together in the building. The concept provides the perfect backdrop on which to cast the beauty of the BROKIS collections, the decorative lights instilling the space with a distinctive character and creating a warm and inviting office setting. Subtle and peculiar architectural touches combine with attractive appointments and furniture to enable each space to fulfil its special function. With no private offices, the open floorplan featuring an abundance of areas for work, meetings, and discussions speaks to the idea that the best creative results are achieved not through solo efforts but through collaboration between all the participants on a given project. The open space promotes the continuous exchange of ideas and opinions, with the central relaxation zone serving as a junction between the two halves of the space, i.e. the more representative one with entrance, reception, waiting room, and meeting room and the real work area with open floorplan and auxiliary spaces.

Like the other virtual projects before it, the new BROKIS Virtual Office was created by the studios Salaris and Suprema. The overall design was conceived in close collaboration with BROKIS art director Lucie Koldova, who personally oversaw every last detail of the resulting design.

And how exactly might one characterize that design?

The use of colour, although maintained in continuity in the different spaces, plays an important narrative role in the project. The architecture of the building was deliberately kept neutral to emphasize the windows looking out over city as a constant reminder of the location of the building. Moreover, the resin on the floors and walls confer a material continuity to the different environments, while the wooden ceiling aims to warm certain spaces and make them more cosy. Clearly linked to a working environment, the visual impact of the BROKIS lights is well defined, pleasant, and welcoming. Colour accents appear primarily in the areas used by employees, such as the open floorplan workspace and private booths, while the areas dedicated to visitors are more sophisticated yet still very fresh and elegant. The light fixtures also combine with the colour palette of each room, creating contrasts or giving rise to a ton-sur-ton colour palette that enhances the surrounding architecture.

A high-end selection of furniture and custom pieces underscores the fact that the offices are run by a well-established and dynamic firm. The furnishings have also been chosen to bring the spaces to perfection, characterizing each in a more defined way without overwhelming the overall impact or taking the focus away from the main feature. The presence of plants is also fundamental to the human aspect of the space.

This time, too, we have devoted considerable attention to the various advantages of using virtual projects, one of which is the ease of access to necessary architecture files, technical documentation, etc. The SKY Office even informs users about which lights feature our special BROKIS connector and the newly developed Trimless ceiling mounting system for easy installation. 

There is also the popular Wishlist function and the social media share option from the previous virtual projects. New for the SKY Office is an expanded product gallery displaying lights in a wide variety of colour variants and using different materials.  




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